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VW Corrado 2.0 ABT

A 1994 Corrado and its alterations This Volkswagen Corrado owned by club member Henk-Jan H. is one of a kind. This car is running with us for a long time already and along the way it picked up many, many trophies. Most often seen at the Edition 38 show in Northampton, United Kingdom, it also […]
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VW Corrado G60

Henk-Jan's Volkswagen Corrado G60 How the car was saved from imminent death Believe it or not but this Corrado G60 was almost pushed into the shredder. The current owner found it by chance when visiting a scrap yard when hunting for parts for another car and couldn’t let it go to waste. He definitely saved […]
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VW Speed 2022 - The Final Movement


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