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About Us

VWTEAM.NL has been active for many years in the Dutch and European VW & Audi Scene. For over 20 seasons are our club car builds appreciated on the many events we visit. Digitally we're there sinces 1997, one of the first clubs to go online. Firstly with a club website and later expanded to a photo album site. Entering the era of socials we added acocunts with instagram, vimeo, youtube, facebook and twitter.

VW Team - Since 1997

Our club, first online in 1997, started a year before when we got our driving license and our first VW Golf. We grew out to an officially registered club with many members. All those years we’ve been part of the Dutch and European VW Scene. In that time we have built many amazing cars, visited events all over Europe and organized our own successful events in 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009.

VW Speed Midwinter and Zomermeeting, VW Outlaws, VW Team Brabant, MIVW, Volkstyle Base, the Wörthersee Treffen, Edition 38 in the UK and VW Days in France are just a few of the events we’ve visited.

Over the years our website vwteam.nl has undergone many changes. Next to that we also ran a VW Forum and a photo website where we covered our visits to the many meetings we visited. With the rise of the social media platforms the visitor numbers dropped significantly so we decided to phase those out and continue on the socials.

On our website we share relevant VAG scene news, upcoming event info, car build progress, event coverage, pictures and movies.


Over the years we changed from a small group of friends with 3 cars to a club of 50+ members and 20 partner memberships. As with all growth, growing the club came with certain challenges. People have different views about being a member and what comes with is, so naturally we shrank back to our current size. A nice group of friends who all have the same passion: Volkswagen and Audi!! Everyone knows each other and each has their own expertise with building.

At the moment there’s no online registration for new members, but if you also a big Volkswagen and Audi fan we would love it if you join us to a show or event. We can get to know and who knows, maybe we can expand a little.
When interested keep an eye on the coming events and shows.
Join us for a visit to the event and get to know us.
During the ongoing COVID19 pandemic we do not  invite new members.
Visits to events and shows are all done under current COVID19 guidelines.
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