13 February, 2022


The Final Movement

To start with the good news: the 2022 version of the VW Speed MWM will only be moved from March, where it was initially planned, to May 8 2022!! Due to the uncertainty of the COVID19 rules, the guys from VW Speed saw no other option than to move the show back for a about 2 months. The seasons will start a little bit later, but....the chances for nice weather are so much better.

As said, we started of the with good news. What will be the bad or less good news be you might think? The 2022 edition of the VW Speed Midwintermeeting will be the last one!! The show is therefore renamed to 18th VW Speed Spring Edition - The Final Movement.

They've secured almost 10.000m2 indoor area in Hanger 11 and a huge outdoor area. Since the info in our calendar is (for now) in Dutch and German only, we'll sum it up here in English.

  • All VAG cars welcome
  • A tremendous amount of show cars
  • Great catering selection
  • Kids corner / bouncy castle
  • Big parts market / buy & sell / stands / companies
  • absolutely awesome picture location
  • And the always amazing seeing friends in the Meet and Greet

As you see, no reason whatsoever not to attend, so note this date ion your calendar: Sunday May 8 from 10:00 until 17:00. You don't want ti miss this one.

For more info and details please check our VW Speed Mid Winter Meet calendar item!

Hanger 11 - A unique photo opportunity
Article written by MK1 Ernst
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