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Wörthersee 2016 Aftermovie – Sourkrauts

The 2016 edition of the Wörthersee Tour was a special one. Due to the large amount of complaints from people living in the area there were a lot of roadblocks and speed bumps. Not something thats ideal for an event thats about low, classic and fast cars. However, the event itself was great again, as every […]
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VW Power Photoshoot

Photoshoot Throwback, the VW Power Photoshoot 2016 Back in 2016 two of our club members did a photo shoot for the French dub magazine VW Power. Ron and Ronald, both known from the Edition 38 show, had their photo shoot somewhere in our little country! At the time we couldn't say much about the locations […]
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Cancelled!! - Wörthersee 2022 Car Meet

Wörthersee Treffen cancelled for third year in a row It looked so good, finally after missing out 2 years in a row there would be another Wörthersee Treffen in Reifnitz, Austria. We we re already planning our route, checking accommodation and deciding if there would be some alterations to the cars for the new season. […]
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Edition 38 - 2015 Teaser

We're back after a great weekend in the Northampton, United Kingdom. This teaser is a short preview of the full aftermovie that should come out later this year. Next to the movie we have a tonne of photo's currently being processed and will be online soon. We're also happy to announce the weekend was a […]
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Wörthersee 2015 After Movie

Check out our Wörthersee aftermovie. You can direct view it here, but also on our Youtube channel. Its a combination of the area, evening shots et the Turbo Kurve and in Reifnitz town. Enjoy the movie and see you all again next year, in the mountains of Austria.
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VW Speed Mid Winter Meet 2012

VW Speed organiseert aankomende zondag (4 maart) weer de 1e meeting van het seizoen.De MidWinterMeeting (MWM) van VW-Speed word alweer voor de 10de keer georganiseerd. Wanneer: 4 maartTijd: 10.00 t/m 17.00 uurLocatie: Frans op den BultAdres: Hengelosestraat 6, 7561 RT Deurningen Voor de enthousiasten vanuit Deventer:Zoals vanouds vertrekpunt vanaf de Gamma.Verzamelen: 9.00 uurVertrek: 9.15 uur […]
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VW Speed 2022 - The Final Movement


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