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Golf 2 TFSI Edition 30

From the outside it looks like an ordinary MK2 GTI, however there's a lot hidden in this amazing creation. One only needs to check the interior of the car to see something is very different. Usually people notice the dashboard but are not sure where it's from. In this case it is from a MK5 […]
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Volkswagen Golf 2 2.0 16V G60 ITB

Volkswagen Golf 2 2.0 16V G60 Throttle Bodies So, how did we get to the name F16 for this car. When the G60 was bought in 2003, a friend (Erik) needed to feel how fast a tuned G60 was. After the first few phenomenal accelerations his reaction was "dude this feels like an F16". And […]
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Golf 2 GTI Edition Blue VR6

This GTI was stationary for quite some time, but since Job bought this Volkswagen Golf 2 Edition Blue VR6 it's gone through quite some transformation. Not being used for a long time did some serious pain to the car, but with Job's welding skills and a new fresh layer of paint make his Edition Blue […]
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VW Golf 2 GTI Kompressor

This car left the factory as a 1.6 liter petrol, but has been completely overhauled by the current owner. Under the hood lies the powerful G60 engine. However, its been bored to 1900cc and instead of a G-loader, we find a Mercedes Kompressor. This gives the car it's characteristic sound. The custom made chip, sharp […]
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VW Jetta MK2 Coupé

Very unique Volkswagen Jetta Coupé.
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VW Golf GTI Edition 20VT

Stunnnig project that is just finished. A complete overhaul of this Wolfsburg Edition, including an upgrade to 20VT Engine.
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VW Golf GT4

The Golf GT4 is a model that is not widely known. Few people know its a special version built for the Dutch market as a special edition for the 40th anniversary of the Dutch Volkswagen Importer PON. The one is from 1988 and owned by Henk-Jan for already 25 years. It was in fact the […]
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