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Golf 2 GTI Edition Blue VR6

This GTI was stationary for quite some time, but since Job bought this Volkswagen Golf 2 Edition Blue VR6 it's gone through quite some transformation. Not being used for a long time did some serious pain to the car, but with Job's welding skills and a new fresh layer of paint make his Edition Blue […]
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VW Golf 2 GTI Kompressor

This car left the factory as a 1.6 liter petrol, but has been completely overhauled by the current owner. Under the hood lies the powerful G60 engine. However, its been bored to 1900cc and instead of a G-loader, we find a Mercedes Kompressor. This gives the car it's characteristic sound. The custom made chip, sharp […]
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Golf MK3

The only MK3 that't not rotting like a piece of rust in salt water haha.
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VW Golf 1 GTI 16V Weber

De Golf 1 is al jaren in het bezit van Job. In het begin opgebouwd en gespoten in een Alfa Romeo parelmoer kleur. Na een aantal jaar was het toch tijd om er wat anders van te maken en werd de wagen in de huidige kleur gespoten, werd de motor aangepakt en is er een […]
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Golf MK4 GTI

Beautiful Golf MK4 GTI, check out that interior! The car is fully built to R32 looks. Check out those seats, don't you love them??
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VW Jetta MK2 Coupé

Very unique Volkswagen Jetta Coupé.
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VW Golf 1 Cabriolet

The Volkswagen Golf MK1 Cabriolet from our member Koen. The car has been in Koen's possession for many years and we're due for new pictures!
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VW Golf GTI Edition 20VT

Stunnnig project that is just finished. A complete overhaul of this Wolfsburg Edition, including an upgrade to 20VT Engine.
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VW Golf GT4

The Golf GT4 is a model that is not widely known. Few people know its a special version built for the Dutch market as a special edition for the 40th anniversary of the Dutch Volkswagen Importer PON. The one is from 1988 and owned by Henk-Jan for already 25 years. It was in fact the […]
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