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E38 Show and Shine

This is what its all about. The best that the UK has to offer meets with the best that europe has to offer – and they go head to head. There’s no allegiance here – if a dutch car is the best of the show – it wins car of the show. In fact, the dutch boys at MIVW have taken car of the show four times. Could this year see our first German car of the show?

Das gauntlet is well and truly thrown down – get over here and lets see whats what!

E38 Camping

Camping is free! we have two campsites, the main one and a quiet camping area for you to enjoy your sleep! Your safety and enjoyment is are number one piority. So please stick to the rules otherwise your stay will be significantly shorter! (With no refund).

So please no wheel spinning, drfiting, unnecessary revving, drink driving, playing loud music to the annoyance of others.

5 mph speed limit at all times.

Contained BBQ’s are allowed but no open fires.

Chinese lanterns are prohibited.

Parking next to your tent is allowed but please be courteous to your camping neighbour.

Please clean up after yourselves. Bin bags and skips are available ask the crew or security.

Hot showers and toilets available F.O.C.

Dogs, we would prefer it if you didnt bring them. But if you have to, please clean up after it and keep it on a lead all times.

Strictly no glass – bottles, jars etc etc. 

Driving on the campsite will be restricted after dusk. You may need to be escorted by security, please liase with them. The general car park will stay open.

No vehicles to be left on the show field over night.

No swimming, paddling or wading in the lake or river.

First aiders and security based next to the shower facility.

Please note: We reserve the right to change/amend the show format/details during the weekend without prior notification.

Judging and Awards

You see, a show and shine event has to be all about the judging. Show car owners should feel that their car has been judged fairly.

Judges must know what they are looking at, and know what has been done. Cleanliness matters, but innovation and quality of modification are far more important.

The awards themselves differ from year to year, but we always try to make sure that the owners are getting something worth having. In times past, UK VW shows have been known to hand out rosettes. We have blazed a trail of expectation from the quality of trophies.