VW Golf 2 GTI Kompressor

Details about this Golf

Brand: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Year: 1989
Engine: 1.9 GTI G60 Kompressor

This car left the factory as a 1.6 liter petrol, but has been completely overhauled by the current owner. Under the hood lies the powerful G60 engine. However, its been bored to 1900cc and instead of a G-loader, we find a Mercedes Kompressor. This gives the car it's characteristic sound. The custom made chip, sharp camshaft and 4 in one exhaust system results in loads more power than it would have with the standard G60 engine.

The exterior is in RS blue paint and in the interior we find a leather Recaro set and the dashboard is covered with the same type of leather. Its rolls on amazing custom made CCW's, exactly fitted for this setup. The beautiful MK2 is winner of multiple prizes already!

Article written by MK1 Ernst
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