Golf 2 TFSI Edition 30

Details about this Golf 2 GTI

Brand: Volkswagen
Model: Golf 2 GTI
Year: 1985
Engine: 2.0 TFSI from MK5 Edition 30

From the outside it looks like an ordinary MK2 GTI, however there's a lot hidden in this amazing creation. One only needs to check the interior of the car to see something is very different. Usually people notice the dashboard but are not sure where it's from. In this case it is from a MK5 GTI Edition 30. Using a dashboard like this gives kind of away whats hiding under the hood.

The heart of it all has a 2.0L TFSI engine from the GTI Edition 30, with 230hp. In fact, apart from the 4-motion, the whole car is and MK5 GTI. If you would take it to a dealership, they can read the electronics with OBD2 and it will show there's an MK5 connected to the computer.

The engine, air conditioning, brakes, full electronics, dashboard, steering wheel with air bag etc. its all transferred to this MK2 GTI. On the outside we see only very small decals giving away this is not an ordinary MK2 GTI. However front coming out of the Rallye Golf, perfect lowering and stylish BBS wheels usually do enough to attract attention.

Article written by MK1 Ernst
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